Stop Creditor Harassment

Don’t Let Debt Collectors Ruin Your Life

If creditors are calling and writing you more and more often and urgently, this may be a sign that your debt is out of control. You may decide to stop answering their harassing phone calls, but they have other ways of getting to you. They may even come to your door. They may attempt to contact your friends, family or coworkers and ask how to get in contact with you.

No matter how debt collectors are bothering you, it is unlikely that their bombarding messages will help you come up with money you don’t have. Stress will make it more difficult, not easier, to focus on getting your finances under control.

When debts overwhelm you, take back the reins with the help of a debt relief attorney. At Bill Payne Law, in Dallas, we are ready to explain how bankruptcy may be the answer you are looking for. Filing bankruptcy can stop creditor harassment!

Do You Fear Bankruptcy? Do Not Be Afraid. Be Informed.

Many people are afraid of the word “bankruptcy;” they think it means “dead end” or “failure.” In fact, however, bankruptcy means “debt relief” when it is the right solution. It may be the most powerful legal tool available when your debts have become unmanageable. Bankruptcy can accomplish these things:

  • Stop creditor harassment with the automatic stay that goes into effect as soon as you file bankruptcy.
  • Give you a fresh start.
  • Reorganize your debts or get them discharged┬áto make your finances manageable once again.
  • Allow you to rebuild your credit more quickly than you would by spinning your wheels trying to pay when you lack the resources.

Furthermore, if third-party debt collectors have violated the limits spelled out in the Federal Debt Collection Protection Act (FDCPA), you may have an opportunity to file a lawsuit and recover damages from them.

Bill Payne Law, can help you find order and direction in the midst of chaos. In a free initial consultation at our Texas law offices or through computer-assisted conferences, we will help you understand your options and visualize your way forward from here. If you choose to work with us to get your debt under control through bankruptcy, we will personally guide you step by step.

The Path To Freedom From Creditor Harassment Is In Front Of You

Discover how to stop debt collectors from taking over your life. For best results, get started right away. You do not have to worry about feeling overwhelmed. See the light at the end of the tunnel! Complete our short inquiry form to request an appointment at your convenience.

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