Can I Secure Credit After Bankruptcy?

Get Your Credit Rating Moving In The Right Direction After Bankruptcy

You may have heard that your credit will be ruined for years if you go through bankruptcy. While it is true that your bankruptcy may show up on your credit report for about 10 years, that will most likely not stop lenders from offering you credit very soon after your bankruptcy discharge.

In fact, certain types of creditors, such as auto lenders, will likely see you as an attractive prospect soon after the bankruptcy court concludes your case.

Why? They likely understand the following about your financial status:

  • You cannot file bankruptcy again for eight years.
  • With most or all of your debts wiped away, you may have disposable income once again – something that you did not have before filing bankruptcy.

Every debtor’s circumstances before and after bankruptcy are unique. Get a clearer idea of how bankruptcy may affect your opportunities to secure credit in consultation with an experienced bankruptcy law attorney. [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-1″], in Dallas does not charge for initial meetings with our lawyer, Bill F. Payne.

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